About Us


MRTS Academy is a business division of MRTS Consulting Ltd (MRTS), a Research and Consulting company in Cambodia. The company was established in 2012 by a team of professionals with extensive practical experience in various areas especially of market research, marketing, training and business management. The company was registered officially in 2015 with the Ministry of Commerce and is now regarded as one of the leading providers of market research and consulting services in Cambodia.

MRTS Academy is focused on Training and Coaching services by our trainers and consultants in Cambodia and from around the world.

Our focus is not the theory-based training that is why we only provide training by using trainers who have at least 10 years of practical experiences in their industry and currently been success in their career. Our trainers are not only having the practical experiences but they are enjoying sharing their knowledge and experiences to those who want to be succeed in their career.

For more information about MRTS, please visit our website: www.mrtsconsulting.com


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We provide the best quality instructor, so they can guide you through learning process to reach the goal.

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We provide the best course to keep your knowledge up to date to improve your life profession.

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With online platform, you can keep learning anywhere, anytime.

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